Figwood Cleaning - Company Message
Timing and Schedules
How long would it take you to clean my house?
It depends on the size of the house and the kind of service that you requested; but most of our jobs take between 1.5-3 hours
Do I have to leave home while the crew is cleaning?
That is really up to you, some customers find it easier to run errands while the crew is doing the cleaning, and come home to a clean place, but others like to stay home.
Why is it taking that long to clean my house for the first time?
Well, we are very detail oriented people, and we really like to take our time while cleaning, so we thank our customers for their patience as we try to clean the house spotless. But please do not hesitate to ask our cleaning crews how long the cleaning is going to take approximately, they will always be able to give you an estimated time.
Are you available during the weekends?
We normally work Monday through Saturday and rest on Sundays; But we are always ready in case you need us for a special cleaning on Sunday.
Do you work in the evenings?Yes. We normally work from 8:00am to 6:00pm, but if you have a "Cleaning Emergency" --As we like to call it-- we are willing to work after hours.
How early in the morning do you usually clean?The earliest we schedule our services is 8:00am, but if you need your house clean very early in the morning we can work something out. 
What is a recurrent service agreement?
A recurrent service agreement is basically the agreement between you and Figwood Cleaning that specifies the schedule, the type of cleaning, your special requests, prices, etc.
Can I have you clean on a different day each time?
The way we organize our schedule doesn't allow us to offer irregular schedules, instead we work together with our customers to try to find a regular schedule that works for them, and this way we can guarantee that their houses will always be cleaned on the same day and time.
I don't feel so well today, can I reschedule?
Absolutely, we understand how hard it could be to feel sick and have people working and making noise around you. So we are always ready to find different openings for you and come back on a different day and time.
Prices and Payments 
What do you normally charge for your service?
The prices depend on many factors, like the size of the house, the time needed to complete the job and how often you would like your house cleaned. Every house is unique, and for this reason we offer free estimates, so we get to know and understand your cleaning needs, and that way give you a fair price.
Why do you charge more for a First Time Cleaning?
Well, most of the cleaning companies have to charge more because it takes longer to clean a house for the first time. This way we make sure that even the smallest details are taken care of.
Do you have minimum rates?
Yes. we have minimum rates for weekly, biweekly and monthly services. Please call today to inquire about our minimum rates.
How do your prices compare to the other cleaning companies?
If we were to compare our prices with those of the competition, we would say our prices are higher than the average, but we can honestly say that our service is much more detailed.
What are the prices for your special services?
Well, we offer a wide variety of special services, and we can gladly send you a list with the prices after we estimate your house, estimates are free, no pressure, no obligation, just a free and detailed estimate, including the prices for all the services that we offer.
What type of payments do you accept?
We currently accept only cash and checks.
When is my payment due?
The payment is due at the time of service, remember that to us a payment is also a confirmation that you are expecting us.
Where do I leave the check?
We ask our customers to please leave your check or cash payment on the kitchen counter.
What to do if I forget to leave a check?
Forgetting to leave a check once in a while is not a biggie! Please send it by mail to the following address:
11919 W. I-70 Frontage Rd. N.
Unit 116
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Is it ok to leave a tip for the ladies?
Yes! Our employees always appreciate any tips, just make sure you leave the tip next to the payment so they know the extra money is for them.
Who do I make the check payable to?
Please make all checks payable to "Figwood Cleaning" or simply to "Figwood"
Cleaning Products and Equipment
Do you bring your own cleaning supplies and equipment, or do I have to provide them?
Yes, We bring all the equipment and products needed to clean your house spotless, so that would be one less thing to worry about.
Would you use any of your customer supplies and/or equipment?
Yes, sometimes our customers are more comfortable with their own products and we don't have a problem with that. We also might need to use their vacuum cleaner as an emergency back up.
Are your cleaning products safe?
Yes, all of our cleaning products are safe for our staff, your family and pets and for the environment.
Do you use furniture polish?
Yes we do, but only when requested, if you have a nice piece of furniture that you would like to treat with wood polish just let us know.
Are you guys insured?
Yes, we have a very comprehensive liabilty insurance and our employees are insured too.
If one of the cleaning ladies hurts herself, will I be responsible for her medical treatment?
Absolutely not, our employees are covered under our comprehensive worker's compensation insurance. Plus they are instructed to follow our safety rules at all times, and thanks to that we have a zero accident rate.
Cleaning Crews
How many people should I expect on a cleaning day?
We usually send 2 or 3 people to most of the houses.
Could you send the same crew all the time?
We try to send the same crew all the time, except when there's a big change in our schedule, or the employees are sick or on vacation.
What do I do if an employee acts very rude or disrespectful to me and my family?
Please report that employee immediately, we don't tolerate things like that in our company, use the form in our website or send us an email so we can get the issue resolved.
Can I ask the ladies to do extra cleanings or other chores for me on the side?
No, the ladies are not authorized to do that, they have signed contracts and agreements and they would lose their jobs or face legal action. Most companies do this to prevent the solicitation of customers, which is very damaging for this type of business.
Can the crew clean the upstairs first, then the rest of the house?
Definitely, while the ladies are instructed to always follow or cleaning methods, we can be very flexible and start anywhere you want.
Do you mind if I leave my Dog home while you are cleaning?
Nope, we don't mind at all, we are pet lovers, and have a very deep respect for all living beings.
My Dog sheds a lot, do you guys vacuum the dog hair?
Yes, we vacuum the entire house, top to bottom and definitely take care of dog hair.
Can you guys clean the dog feeding mats?
Sure! We include those as part of our service.
Can I ask you to let my dog out when he needs to go to the bathroom?
We can do that when requested, please let the ladies know and they will definitely do that.
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